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European Flight Training, a division of Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology, will begin offering in Summer 2016, in conjunction with the Aviator College Degree Program and SkyWest Airlines, its new JetWay Program. EFT will now start accepting applications from European pilots. The program will be offered four times per year starting in October with limited enrollment.

EFT is located on the Aviator College campus in Florida. SkyWest Airlines corporate offices are located in St.George, Utah. SkyWest Airlines is one of the largest regional airlines in the USA, employing approx. 12,000 people with bases all over the United States.

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The program is specifically tailored for the aspiring pilot who wants to advance his/her flying career and gain jet experience, making them more marketable on their return to Europe. Through this phased approach the program provides the education, flight training, for both EASA and FAA licensing, an internship as a flight instructor gaining the experience required to obtain the FAA ATP culminating in an internship with SkyWest Airlines as a First Officer.

After training pilots from all over the World since 2000 for UK CAA, JAA & EASA Licences, European Flight Training (EFT), became a division of Aviator College of Science & Technology in July 2016. Holding full EASA approval (ATO # 0008), the division will focus on training European students who wish to obtain their EASA and/or FAA Pilot Licences.


Aviator College is a fully accredited College and FAA Part 141 approved school entitled to issue I-20 for M1 & F1 student Visas. Internships are also available as a Flight Instructor and, as part of the JetWay Program, internships can be extended to include airline operations as a First Officer!


Internships allow practical use of qualifications to gain essential experience and are available to graduates who meet the required standards. They also attract remuneration which becomes a significant way of reducing overall initial training costs. 


"An exciting NEW way to obtain your pilot qualifications and build experience that counts"

Launched in July 2016, Aviator College in association with its European Pilot Training Division, EFT, is offering an industry first and unique opportunity for pilot trainees to go from zero hours of flight experience all the way up to 1,000 hours of jet time flown with a US regional airline.

The program includes a two year AS Degree, all flight training for the licenses and ratings required, an internship as a flight instructor to build the hours needed for the FAA ATP and finally, an internship as a First Officer flying Jets with SkyWest Airlines.

Selection for the program will be commenced after the completion of the EASA PPL. Successful applicants will have to maintain the highest standards, complete the training within preset criteria and be interviewed and accepted by SkyWest representatives.


The program will be open for enrollment for an initial period of 6 months. Applications can be made through the normal online process.


Initial assessment will take place during training for the EASA PPL. A Training Report will then be submitted to SkyWest who retain an office on our College Campus. Those receiving a positive recommendation will be invited to interview. A successful interview will result in the opportunity to continue training on the program focusing on the goal of flying for SkyWest as a First Officer.


The initial training to CPL/IR/FI (EASA & FAA) will take approximately 14 months to complete. The instructor internship period will last a further 12 months or until 1250 hours have been logged. The final stage is scheduled over a 24 month period and encompasses Jet Transition training, FAA ATP, AS Degree, Type Rating and the First Officer internship with SkyWest.


It is important to appreciate that graduates from the JetWay program will take away with them not only EASA & FAA qualifications (CPL, ATP, IR, FI, ME, Type Rating) but also a wide range of experience as an instructor and as an airline pilot with a total number of hours logged predicated to be in excess of 2,500!

Aviator College
Aviator College
Aviator College


Significant additional benefits are being offered with the JetWay Program, including an Aviator/SkyWest Achievement Scholarship of up to $32,200 which is awarded throughout the program.


The program also includes a free upgrade to Airline Transport Pilot Certificate FAA ATP, and conversion onto the initial Jet Type for SIC (First Officer).


This sponsorship equates to huge savings. It is often this last step for many, which becomes very cost prohibitive and prevents them from realizing their dream until much later on!


There is no financial outlay or bond required for this sponsorship, however, it is expected that applicants will fulfill the operational requirements as part of their training agreement.


As already indicated, successful applicants will be expected to meet certain criteria, these are listed below;


  • Be 19 years old at the time of enrollment;

  • Be able to read, write and speak English to Level 5 as a minimum (Level 6 will be preferred  at graduation and before flying with SkyWest as a First Officer);

  • Have a minimum educational qualification of 6 GCSE (UK) or other country equivalent;

  • Be able to pass a standard criminal background check;

  • Hold a clean driving licence, or at worst, have only minor offences registered;

  • Hold an EASA First Class Medical Certificate;

  • Hold an un-restricted Passport with no travel restrictions;

  • Be personally motivated, dedicated, hardworking and professional at all times;

  • Obtain their EASA PPL in minimum hours (no more than 20% overage) and pass all written exams and Skill Tests first time, or, in the event of any part of the test being failed, receive a positive recommendation from the flight examiner as to their potential;

  • Pass an interview immediately after the PPL with a representative from SkyWest Airlines;

  • Complete all additional training within no more than 20% overage to the minimum hours required and in line with the time frames specified in the Program;

  • Achieve an ‘above average’ grade as a flight instructor with at least 80% first time pass rates for the students trained;

  • Pass the final Airline selection interview;

  • Obtain the Type Rating in accordance with the Airline’s criteria;

  • Operate successfully as an Airline First Officer within their operational standards.


As already detailed, there is a considerable financial benefit in the form of a no-cost sponsorship package as part of the program. In addition, internships are remunerated at attractive rates sufficient to repay approximately 60% of the overall training costs! Total remuneration, during the internship periods are expected to be in the region of $60,000 (as of July 2016), leaving a low net cost for the training.


This represents a large cost saving over many alternative training courses currently being offered which can typically cost in excess of $150,000 representing long term debt for individuals and family sponsors alike!


The substantial benefit of gaining around 2,500 hours, including airline operational experience, are tremendously valuable and will give a considerable boost to all graduates as they seek employment with US or European airlines.


The total costs to trainees who complete the JetWay Program is $97,904, which includes everything needed to start as a First Officer. This amount does NOT include additional sponsorship payments awarded which would further reduce the cost of training. Details can be obtained by speaking to our recruiters directly.


Another unique part of the program is the payment schedule. The industry norm is to extract large upfront payments of tens of thousands to cover ‘stages’, in other words, you are committed!


The only ‘upfront’ commitment/payment required is $12,000, sufficient to cover the EASA PPL training, selection and interview process. After this payment, our payment policy is simple, easy and fair; your flying account must have no less than a minimum balance of $1,000 credit at all times.


What is nice about this is trainees are under no obligation and may terminate at any time (for whatever reason). It ensures that our focus is on professionalism, dedication and performance; qualities we will expect from trainees if they are to succeed and gain their airline wings!


The program is structured and integrated to achieve the maximum benefit to trainees. It is essential that each STAGE of training is completed on time and at the required standard to remain eligible for the internships and sponsorship opportunities. Click the “STAGES” tab for details. 



For further information and to obtain a prescreening application, contact our recruiting department and quote reference: -'Skywest JetWay Program'.

Aviator College & European Flight Training & SkyWest

European Flight Training started in 1999 as an aviation school offering EASA Flight Training in Florida and has developed into one of the most prestigious aviation flight schools in the United States.


European Flight Training offers, through its parent company Aviator College, an Aviation Degree Program which has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

EFT is one of the few flight schools in the USA to offer approved training for the European pilot’s license, zero through ATPL, at its approved EASA ATO number 0008.

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