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Pilots Licence

The Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) Course is designed to teach students, who already hold a Private Pilot’s Licence and passes in all 14 ATPL theoretical examinations, to a higher degree of skill, accuracy, airmanship and awareness which is needed to pass the CPL Skill Test.


The CPL entitles its holder to receive remuneration for flying, which is not possible with a PPL, and is therefore a prerequisite for a career in aviation.





EASA Commercial Pilots Licence


Commerical Pilots’ Licence (CPL)

Pricing Start at $ 6,924

Prices include all landing fees,Instrument approach fees and taxes

The standard course consists of 25 hours of flight training with an instructor in a single engine aircraft; at least 5 of those hours will be conducted in a ‘complex type’ such as a Piper Arrow. At European Flight Training all of this training is completed in an aircraft, rather than in flight simulators or synthetic flight training devices as they can never replace the experience and quality of teaching in an actual aeroplane.


Upon completion of the course, pilots will be required to pass a flight skill test with an EASA approved examiner. This test will be applied for to the appropriate Authority and upon receipt of the required authorization the test will take place from our facility.


Must meet EASA FCL Appendix 3 – Subpart E – Part 12


The CPL course requires a pre-entry flight test to be passed assessing suitability for CPL training,

which generally means flying to a good

PPL standard.

EASA Commercial Pilots Licence
EASA Commercial Pilots Licence
  • 200 hours total time

  • Class 1 Medical*

  • 100 hours pilot in command time


*The medical must be issued and current by the issuing authority in order to be able to test with an examiner.


Note: For the EASA member states whose medicals we accept for EASA examinations purposes please visit the FAQ page.

Those requirements are:

Please Note:

New EASA regulations require you to meet CPL licence issue requirements prior to test.

European Flight Training started in 1999 as an aviation school offering EASA Flight Training in Florida and has developed into one of the most prestigious aviation flight schools in the United States.


European Flight Training offers, through its parent company Aviator College, an Aviation Degree Program which has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

EFT is one of the few flight schools in the USA to offer approved training for the European pilot’s license, zero through ATPL, at its approved EASA ATO number 0008.

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