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How to become a Pilot Florida


Information about JAA Flight Instructor

Course deposit


After completing the online application we will send you via email a course contract


  • This will detail the deposits, courses,  start dates, and course fees based upon your selected program.

  • You have two choices:  

Accept – in which case the rest of the deposits/fees required by the contract are due

Reject –Deposit is returned less $50.00 

  • A $50.00 non refundable deposit is retained if you do not start the course on the dates in your contract. International students will be required to pay a $500.00 deposit which is credited to their account les any cost for visa postage.

ATPL Ground school


  • ATPL ground school is sold and delivered by Aviator College, and independent company from EFT.

  • ATPL ground school bookings are for a specific start dates only. If you do not attend any of the phases for your dates you will need to re-purchase the phase you have missed at the price in effect at the time of re-starting the specific phases.

Information about JAA Pilots Training and EASA flight training



  • ​​All non US citizens / Residents require a US immigration status which allows study whilst in the USA.

  • Normally an M1 or F1 visa is required.

  • EFT/Aviator College has the right to discontinue a student’s participation in OPT at any time.

  • EFT will provide a certificate of eligibility (I20) after your CTA is signed and deposits are paid.

  • There is a $200 re-issue charge for a new I20, due to errors or loss, change in dates or a new I-20 sent to extend your training.

  • EFT is not responsible for delays or changes to US immigration policy affecting the issuance of your visa.

  • Maintenance of Status 

US immigration regulations require that attendance of 18 hours a week which can be flying, ground , or as determined by the chief pilot.

-Failure to comply will result in in complulsary disenrolment.

  • You may only fly EFT aircraft whilst sponsored by EFT for your immigration status.

Information about JAA Air flight training

Transport Security Administration Alien Flight School Programme


  • ​​Student enrolling for training in the following will require TSA clearance and background checks in order to train for the following courses if they do not hold an FAA equivalent.

-PPL                     -Multi                  -Instrument

  • No Flight Training can begin for these courses until final clearance is received.

  • EFT is not responsible for delays in training caused by TSA clearance.

Foreign Licence Verification


  • ​​Students who do not hold an FAA licence who intend to fly solo or take FAA training must complete a foreign licence verification of their ICAO licence.

  • This process take 6-9 weeks.

  • The letters are only valid for 60 days and it is your responsibility to renew your foreign licence verification letter to ensure it is current for flight and testing.

  • A change in licence type, i.e Private to Commercial may affect your foreign licence verification and it’s use for conversion or future licences/ratings. For this reason EFT recommends stand alone licences.

How to become a Pilot
How to become a Pilot

Medical Fitness


  • A current EASA Medical is required for all courses at EFT.

Please review the EFT FAQs section of the website for other state’s medical records which are currently acceptable.

A current EASA Class 1 medical is required for CPL testing.

  • A current FAA medical issued or recognised under the FARs is required for solo flight in the USA.

Student’s completing Part 141 training will require an FAA medical.

  • If a student is sick for more than one week, they will be suspended from training pending review by a medical professional for which documentation excusing absences must be provided.

Drug and

Alcohol Policy


  • All EFT Staff and Students are subject to EFT’s drug testing programme.

  • Refusal to test will be breach of contract and will result in termination from training.

Completion Time Frame


  • Expected course completion time and flight times are based on the legal minimums set out by the regulations.

  • EFT cannot be held responsible for delays in training resulting from

Student ability



Force Majeure

Any other restriction beyond EFT’s control

  • Training beyond the time frames established in the contract is based on availability only and shall be at the current rate.

  • EFT does not guarantee a pass, ground examination pass or any passes in a particular time frame.

Data protection


  • Data about you, your training and financial accounts will be held in the USA and may be held by Contractors as EFT sees fit.

  • We will share your date with those required by law such as but not limited to Competent Authorities, Government agencies and examiners.

  • We will release your records to a requesting agency such as an airline when they request the information, if you are applying for a job.

  • We may release your course progress, records and any associated records to any entity that provides funding for your training, or your parents upon their request with signed FERPA release form.

Use of image, voice,

or likeness


  • EFT it’s, agents and representatives who are acting on behalf of EFT may use your likeness and/or name in any photograph, image, video, motion picture, performance or sound recording (collectively referred to herein as my “Likeness”) for purposes related to its educational mission including advertising, publicizing or marketing its campuses and programs or for any other commercial or lawful purpose, and to use and license others to use it for such purposes, without any compensation.

How to become a Pilot

Termination of Contract


  • Termination by the Student

The student may withdraw from the training programme at any time for any reason provided he notifies EFT in writing.

  • Compulsory Disenrollment

EFT reserves the right to disenroll a student with immediate effect

If a student brings EFT, it’s reputation or otherwise into a negative light this will result in in immediate disenrollment,

  • In both cases Deposits / course costs in accordance with the contract are non refundable.

Airline pilot programmes

Airline Pilot Programmes



  • To be eligible for the internship graduates must

Pass each exam above 80%, in 2 or less attempts

Complete each course in less than 120% of syllabus hours

Pass weekly reviews

Pass an interview

  • Employment is subject to US immigration approval, and generally for a minimum of 8 months to a maximum of 2 years.



  • Payment will be in US dollars

  • There is a $1,000 minimum required on account to fly daily. A balance below this amount will result in no fly.

  • Payment methods are :

Credit / Debit card of Visa or MasterCard

Wires Subject to clearing the Banking System (can take up to 1 month)

  • For late payments, EFT reserves the right to impose a 1.5% late fee per day.

  • Flight time shall be logged as Brakes Off to Brakes on in accordance with EU law, however you will be billed with reference to Hobbs Duration.

  • Refunds, living expenses or training expenses (such as exam fees) are not available from your account during a course.

Refund Policy


  • Any unspent funds will be refunded 30 days following your departure. Your deposit will be held until 30 working days following your departure in case of any additional fees from the bookstore or damage to housing or equipment.

  • For Skills tests completed by EFT on the behalf of a Competent Authority, you must complete your skills test to be eligible for your deposit refund.

Additional Charges

to Expect


  • ​​Visa issue fees

  • TSA fees

  • Food & Transport whilst training

  • Equipment – please review our FAQs and equipment list.

  • Flight test fees / examiner fees & expenses

  • Cleaning fees in accordance with housing agreement

  • Additional Training (if required)

  • Additional check rides (if required)

  • Aircraft recovery charges if aircraft is left at a base other then EFTs location without prior approval

Training school

Compliance with EFT’s Organisation Management Manual(OMM) and Training Manual (TM)


  • All students and staff are bound by EFT’s OMM and TM.

  • Failure to comply will result in immediate disenrollment.

  • Such material is only to be used for your training benefit and remains confidential, is and copyrighted Unauthorised distribution will result in prosecution to the fullest amount allowable under law.

Price Guarantee


  • EFT guarantee’s the price of your programme in accordance with your contract based on specific start dates.

  • EFT cannot be held responsible for changes in EASA / FAA / Immigration regulations and any changes which result in extra training will not be provided free of charge, and will be billed at the current training rate.

  • EFT has the right, if the price of fuel increases by more than 5% during your stay to raise your course price to make up the difference of an increase in fuel cost.

You, as the student, have the right (at the time, within 7 days) of an increase in the contract price to decide whether to continue the course at the new price or discontinue with no penalties.

  • If you modify your programme and do not complete your training you may find your hour building subject to Florida Sales Tax in St Lucie County which is currently 6.5% at time of contract issue but is subject to change in accordance with Florida law.

How to become a Pilot

Legal Options


  • ​​This contract is entered into in St Lucie County, Florida.

  • Any contractual dispute shall be handled and filed in St Lucie County, Florida, USA.

  • The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement.

After your training


  • Skills tests and disenrollments are not permitted on your day of departure. After completing your course will need to finish up your paperwork by disenrolling with an EFT member of staff. The disenrollment procedure will include an inspection of your housing/vehicle (if applicable).

Flying school European Flight training
Disenrollment complete as below: (May not be day of departure)

Regarding Immigration status:


  • “ 5) Period of stay. A student in M nonimmigrant status is admitted for a fixed time period, which is the period necessary to complete the course of study indicated on the Form I–20, plus practical training following completion of the course of study, plus an additional 30 days to depart the United States, but not to exceed a total period of one year. An M–1 student may be admitted for a period up to 30 days before the report date or start date of the course of study listed on the Form I–20. An M–1 student who fails to maintain a full course of study or otherwise fails to maintain status is not eligible for the additional 30-day period of stay.”


Ready to Proceed?

Information about our Flying school

European Flight Training started in 1999 as an aviation school offering EASA Flight Training in Florida and has developed into one of the most prestigious aviation flight schools in the United States.


European Flight Training offers, through its parent company Aviator College, an Aviation Degree Program which has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

EFT is one of the few flight schools in the USA to offer approved training for the European pilot’s license, zero through ATPL, at its approved EASA ATO number 0008.

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