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European Flight Training has trained thousands of pilots over its 15 year history.


The company strives to continually improve its training facilities and its fleet of aircraft through upgrades and additions, such as the very latest “Glass Cockpit” equipped aircraft which have now become essential in preparing new pilots for the modern aircraft in today’s airlines.


Flying is by its very nature, expensive. Aircraft must be properly maintained, instructors appropriately qualified, and the company must provide an infrastructure to oversee operational aspects. All of this contributes to your costs of learning to fly. The USA is ‘general aviation’ friendly which means it does not have landing or approach fees and Florida particularly does not suffer from the same inclement weather often present in other European locations. All of these factors contribute to lower costs, faster completion times and a greater chance of being able to achieve your dream which otherwise might have been out of reach whilst maintaining the same quality of training received in Europe. By choosing to undertake your training in the USA you receive all the benefits of this aviation friendly environment, the lower costs associated with USA flight training and the quality of an approved EASA school.




You will see plenty of references to the flying dream in advertisements and marketing materials of most flight training organisations. In reality, chasing the dream can be expensive, so it is vital you make the right choice and enroll at a good school. We encourage you to do your homework, consider all your options, become knowledgeable about the industry, and spend your money wisely. If you put in the effort to effectively research your options you will achieve your dream on time, on budget, and become the best pilot you can be.


Consider carefully before paying large sums of money in advance for any training course. When you apply to European Flight Training, a contract with the breakdown of the training cost and duration will be created so you will be able to review prior to official acceptance.


All our contracts are based on "Pay As You Go" payment plan, NEVER large up front payments. For more information please view:


Information about our Fly school

We have dedicated and experienced staff available to answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to email or telephone us at 1-772-466-4757. We will gladly talk to you and give you more information and advice.


European Flight Training encourages you to visit all the schools that you are considering. Whilst this might be a little out of your way and generate some costs, especially if it is in the USA, the expense incurred ensures you will be able to make the best personal choice. The cost of travel to visit only represents a fraction of your total training price and you will find this is a very worthwhile investment. Nothing compares to viewing a training facility in person.



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European Flight Training facilities
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Aviator College

European Flight Training started in 1999 as an aviation school offering EASA Flight Training in Florida and has developed into one of the most prestigious aviation flight schools in the United States.


European Flight Training offers, through its parent company Aviator College, an Aviation Degree Program which has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

EFT is one of the few flight schools in the USA to offer approved training for the European pilot’s license, zero through ATPL, at its approved EASA ATO number 0008.

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