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Private Pilots Licence

The Private Pilot’s Licence is the first and most basic qualification obtained by pilots which qualifies them to fly single engine aircraft. The PPL allows the student to act as Pilot in Command (PIC) of most single engine, piston-powered, fixed-wing aircraft during the day, in Visual Meteorological Conditions, and to carry passengers.


Most students will have very little or no flight time experience when starting the course. It is vital that PPL training is maintained to a high standard, as it is by definition the foundation of a pilot’s skills and their qualities as an airman. For this reason, it is extremely important that the correct techniques, skills, and disciplines are taught from the beginning.





EASA Private Pilots Licence


Private Pilots’ Licence (PPL) $ 9.680

Prices include all landing fees,Instrument approach fees and taxes

The traditional route of obtaining the EASA PPL consists of a minimum of 45 hours of flight time, including 25 hours with an instructor (dual) and 10 hours of flight without an instructor (solo). The difference may comprise of either solo or dual time as necessary. The course also consists of essential ground training and plenty of private self-study to be able to gain the technical knowledge necessary and pass the nine written exams. These can be taken during the course and must be passed prior to the final flight test. Training is conducted in aircraft with the latest avionics, all glass.


Additional flight training is sometimes required depending on an individual’s progress made throughout the training. Advancement is assessed by means of a series of progress tests (PT’s) which are incorporated into the syllabus. The exact number of hours required to reach proficiency will, to a large extent, depend on an individual’s aptitude and ability, however, the quality of instructing plays a significant part in this, one key reason we only employ instructors who are dedicated, qualified and knowledgeable about what is required to obtain the license.


Your instructor’s ability to identify if his student understands the training is a crucial aspect of high quality flight training, since misunderstandings or weak areas of technique must be addressed before flight training can progress efficiently.


By benefiting from

airline-grade flight instruction

and quality control procedures,

EFT students have attained a high level

of first attempt

flight test passes.

EASA Private Pilots Licence

European Flight Training started in 1999 as an aviation school offering EASA Flight Training in Florida and has developed into one of the most prestigious aviation flight schools in the United States.


European Flight Training offers, through its parent company Aviator College, an Aviation Degree Program which has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

EFT is one of the few flight schools in the USA to offer approved training for the European pilot’s license, zero through ATPL, at its approved EASA ATO number 0008.

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